Wunderloop and United Internet Media Announce Plans to Merge Their Targeting Systems

October 23, 2009
October 23, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – United Internet Media, a predictive-targeting pioneer and technology leader, and Wunderloop, the leading independent provider of targeting services, today announced plans to merge their TGP and wunderloop targeting systems in order to create Europe's leading targeting product based on an integrated technology. The two companies are now in contract negotiations, with the aim of United Internet Media contributing its TGP targeting system including all assets into wunderloop S.A. wunderloop would ensure the future development and distribution of TGP technology as an independent, neutral service provider. In return, 1&1 Internet AG would receive a minority stake in wunderloop S.A.

The merger of the two targeting systems will result in a suite of products that caters to customers across the market and whose combination of real-time and predictive targeting not only delivers the most technolo­gically comprehensive and mature solutions, but also target-group products that cover the full spectrum of targeting and offer specific solutions for all relevant market segments. Until the merge has been concluded, the two systems will both be sold on the market, with TGP continuing to be offered to the 'Publishers' market segment.

"By merging the wunderloop and TGP technologies, we set a new market standard in online targeting and offer our customers an enormous technology edge. We will continue to expand our European market leadership and, as a service provider, offer specific targeting solutions to all market participants across the market", said wunderloop CEO Torsten Ahlers, commenting on the move.

United Internet Media AG CEO Matthias Ehrlich announce: "By transferring the TGP technology to an independent service provider, we are setting up our proprietary targeting system in its own right and deliver on our promise of giving the online media market an independent, top-quality targeting standard with regard to privacy protection compliance and targeting systema­tisation. We also give the past success of our own product attractive future prospects thanks to the chance of building maximum market reach via TGP. In addition, we are further enhancing United Internet Media's quality leadership in target group-marketing by adding real-time targeting to WEB.DE and GMX".

About wunderloop

As Europe's leading vendor of integrated targeting services, wunderloop makes it possible to precisely target specific demographics online: its 'wunderloop custom' and 'wunderloop connect' applications collect information about users' online behaviour. The company makes all of its targeting and analysis methods available on an integrated platform, enabling its customers to target Internet users with the right ads, content and relevant shopping offers.

The Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) and the technology and privacy authority TÜV Rhineland have confirmed that wunderloop's information and data processing complies with all privacy protection laws.

Award-winning technology

wunderloop was founded in 1999, is headquartered in Luxembourg and has offices throughout Europe. The German company has its head office in Hamburg. wunderloop has won the 'Red Herring 100 Global' in 2009 an 'Red Herring 100 Europe' in 2007, the '2007 Innovation Award' and the 'European Seal of E-Excellence' for its innovative technology.

Renowned clients

wunderloop's clientele includes well-known marketers and publishers such as T-Com/T-Online, ad pepper media International N.V, AOL, G+J Electronic Media Services, Telecom Italia, Tiscali, CondeNast, Marktplaats (an eBay company), Mondadori Digital Publishing, Orange, SBS TV and Ilse Media. The majority of Germany's 30 biggest marketers rely on wunderloop technology.

About TGPopen

TGPopen allows digital content such as advertising to be distributed to specific target groups with minimised wastage (scatter losses), irrespective of the context and use situation.

The targeting system, a market leader both in terms of technology as well as established target group products, has a range of about 64 percent of all online users in Germany, which can be reached on a total of over 180 websites (source: United Internet Media Research based on AGOF internet facts 2009-II).

Like TGP® (Target Group Planning), alongside its tried-and-tested paten­ted core technology for minimum-wastage, maximum-reach targeting, TGPopen includes all targeting solutions based on TGP®, which currently include WEB.Demographic(tm) (socio-demographic groups), WEB.Local(tm) (regional target groups), WEB.Affinity(tm) (subject-related groups), WEB.Milieu(tm) (target groups relating to people's backgrounds), WEB.Consumer(tm) (buying behaviour-based target groups), WEB.Audience(tm) (traditional media use demographics) and WEB.Segments(tm) (special target segments).

As a 'predictive targeting' system, TGPopen works with complex analytical-statistical forecasting techniques, which allow for combining maximum target group reach with optimum target group sharpness, i.e. a reduction in wastage. All data used for content modulation is completely anonymous so that no direct or indirect personal traceability is given or can be produced.

In August 2009, TGPopen was awarded the Data Protection Seal of Approval by the prestigious Independent Centre for Data Protection of Schleswig-Holstein (ULD).

United Internet Media - The fine Arts of digital Media

United Internet Media stands for the consistent linking of the classical approach with the innovative design possibilities of digital technology. This has fostered a new level of maturity in online advertising: The fine arts of digital media.

Impress! Discover! Announce! Attract! Sell! Reward! Involve! Entertain! Feature! And connect! -The many years of expertise and substantiated knowledge of more than 200 media and marketing specialists, leading technologies such as Target Group Planning (TGP®), innovative products, creative concepts and the bundled coverage of top portals flow into an innovate set of instruments at United Internet Media. These are developed into client-specific solutions for the classic goals and functions of advertising in the digital media worlds.

As the pivotal hub for about 22 million German-speaking, more than 160 million European and more than 420 million Internet users in 60 countries throughout the world, the media marketing agency of the company's own online offers for the United Internet AG - WEB.DE, GMX, 1&1 and SmartShopping.de with its portals and AD Europe partner portals - provides the global variety of the new media world from one source (one-stop media shopping). United Internet Media is the partner of German and international advertising clients in the segments of media and creative agencies, as well as the advertising industry (direct clients). The company maintains locations in Karlsruhe and Munich, as well as branches in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, London and Vienna.

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