XandMail Offers Browser Based Information Management Services

June 10, 2005
June 10, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - XandMail, the digital communication solutions provider, today announced the availability of the latest version of its Empowered Messaging Suite (EMS) version 4), offering consumer-oriented browser based email, calendar and event management, address book, virtual storage and photo album services for fixed and wireless access, built on Rich Internet Application standards.

As user experience becomes key in communication service adoption, standard HTML pages are no longer sufficient to provide the interaction the user is expecting. As web applications have been based on the page-by-page approach for the HTML Web, the entire page is refreshed with each click which results in excessive bandwidth consumption, over-burdening server hardware and delivering a poor user experience.

Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies are the future of the Web experience, aiming to use client-side resources to provide the user with responsive and application-like behavior in the web browser.

By turning EMS(TM) into a RIA with version 4, XandMail has managed to combine the best of both worlds - a communication solution with the functionality of a desktop application, yet centrally deployed and maintained on the web.

The RIA version of EMS(TM) is available in both Flash and DHTML, using AJAX, XML and JavaScript technologies. By introducing a completely redesigned set of tools, EMS(TM)v4.0 optimizes bandwidth consumption (only necessary data is transferred) and reduces the number of requests sent to the server. XandMail solutions provide a responsive user interface with familiar drag-and-drop support for mail tasks, address book, adding events and file management.

"Our clients are always waiting for us to provide the best of breed user experience and technological innovation. I have already presented this RIA version to some operators - ISPs and Hosting companies - and they are very excited about the new possibilities it offers", says Tony Premi, V.P. Business Development. "The difference in terms of the user experience is just amazing with both the Flash and the DHTML version. As a matter of fact one of our partners has built a complete FlashMail interface using our Flash solution." adds Jerome Lament, Marketing Manager.

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