XBT Holding Buys Servers.com for $300,000

December 2, 2013
XBT Holding Buys Servers.com for $300,000
The 'boutique' domain name "Servers.com" was sold recently for a sum of $300,000 at an auction which took place in Dallas, Texas. The domain was bought by XBT Holding, a key provider in the European Union specializing in dedicated hosting, colocation and IP Transit services.

XBT is part of ROOT S.A., Luxembourg's leading hosting provider. The company offers servers with direct and low latency connectivity to London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid and Paris. Established in 2005, it has a presence in eight countries. Its services include dedicated servers, collocation, shared and VPS hosting, CDN solution, Cloud storage and security services alongside cloud computing, domain registration, website and mobile applications development.

The company's vision is to become a "one-stop professional source for corporate server infrastructure outsourcing, high-load web hosting and data handling" and recently made a number of acquisitions to strengthen its position in the United States and in Asia. The company caters to a broad customer base which include Forex companies, online gaming and video streaming companies. Servers.com will provide a brand that underpins the company's activity.

"Servers.com domain name acquisition will help create an automated and standardized hosting platform for small to medium scale business customers (SMB)," explained XBT Holding Ltd.'s CFO, Rajesh Kumar Mishra. "The platform will offer much greater diversity of service formats in one package, which gives the customers all the needed solutions and business tools under one roof, including flexible targeting and service pricing based on user's action data analysis. The new domain name will let us consolidate our regional brands in one".

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