Xilinx and Sensory Networks Unveil New Security Platform

February 21, 2005
February 21, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Xilinx and Sensory Networks announced a joint collaboration resulting in Sensory Networks' latest network security platform.

The NodalCore(TM) Security Processing Unit is a security processor designed for high-speed analysis of network traffic by security applications.

The processing unit is designed to be easily integrated into a wide range of network and security products through a selection of accelerator cards and accelerated appliances.

Sensory Networks demonstrated the NodalCore Security Processor Unit at the RSA Security Conference 2005, in San Francisco, Calif., February 14-18.

"In security, things change -- network based threats must adapt in the face of a fast moving landscape of protocols and content types. By employing Xilinx Platform FPGAs, network equipment using NodalCore can dynamically adapt -- all while maintaining wirespeed. This is something that no other vendor in the marketplace is able to deliver," said Sensory Networks' chief executive officer, Matt Barrie.

"To deal with today's alarming and unpredictable security threats, network security equipment must be designed for both performance and flexibility. Sensory Networks' NodalCore platform provides both the performance and adaptability required for a gateway appliance security processor," said Robert Bielby, senior director of Strategic Solutions Marketing at Xilinx.

The advanced features of the Xilinx Platform FPGA products, including logic density and speed, provided the necessary characteristics for implementation of Sensory Networks' high performance security processing engines, whilst retaining the ability to dynamically upgrade these engines in the field.

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