Yahoo! Expands Partnership with Internet Service Provider SBC

May 18, 2005
May 18, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting providers may want to take note of Yahoo’s launch of an integrated suite of safety and security tools for SBC Yahoo! DSL subscribers. While the software suite comprised of anti-spyware, anti-virus software, a pop-up blocker, parental controls, mail protection, ‘SpamGuard Plus’, an address guard that uses disposable email addresses and email anti-virus software may not make web hosting providers tremble in awe of this mighty collection of technology the business trends surrounding Yahoo’s recent moves are significant to the industry.

SBC and Yahoo! first announced a strategic alliance in November 2001 and launched co-branded DSL and Dial services less than a year later. In November 2004 the companies extended their existing relationship and they are now releasing products together. Yahoo has also recently offered low cost web hosting for SMBs which may in part explain why so many other web hosts have suddenly come out with free and low cost hosting packages or free domain registration for small businesses.

The expanding partnership with an Internet service provider is noteworthy because the ISP could provide Yahoo a platform from which to further their campaign into the web hosting market.
Or perhaps it shines a light on an unrealized potential for partnership and co-branding for a web host to take advantage of Yahoo’s incredibly high name recognition.

"By providing advanced but easy-to-use protection from Internet threats and nuisances, SBC Yahoo! Online Protection helps to give our broadband subscribers the freedom to focus on what they love about the Internet," said Steve Boom, senior vice president, broadband, Yahoo! Inc. "Many consumers know the steps they need to take to keep their offline life secure and with SBC Yahoo! Online Protection we are now helping to make it easier to keep their online life secure by providing the features and confidence that an online security blanket should."

Will Yahoo’s next move be to introduce a GoDaddy Yahoo! web hosting automation suite or to put the big squeeze on smaller web hosting providers with a low cost high-end SBC web hosting plan?

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