Address: P.O.Box 55004
Montreal H4V0A1

Phone:+1 (514) 800-5409 Fax:N/A
servaRICA is VPS Hosting provider located in Montreal,Canada. Additional to our activities as VPS provider we are also developing control panel/management software for XEN based VPS users and providers.Working as both XEN software developers and VPS providers gave us rare opportunity to have a deep understanding of how XEN based system works and how we can handle them to achieve the maximum stability possible .


Full Redundancy:

*All our hardware are fully redundant to eliminate any single point of failure.
*This redundancy is even done on the most expensive network components such as routers,switches and even SAN storage switches
*Redundancy didn’t stop at hardware, We are managing our own multi-homed network (more than 1 internet provider in case one of them fails, our users shouldn’t be affected)
*and even our storage system is completely redundant. (redundant controllers and all drives are mirrored)
*Also we can offer High availability VM hosting which will not go offline even if the underlying server goes offline and even the VM itself shouldn’t be restarted.

Servers Specs :

* Enterprise class owned hardware
* each server include several CPUs making total cores in each server exceed 24 cores or more per server
* Enterprise SAN storage solution with high availability features (SSD cached)
* All servers are brand new and under warranty to decrease the downtime as much as possible

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