Server Intellect

Server Intellect

Server Intellect

Address: 2603 Challenger Tech Ct
Orlando FL 32826
United States

Phone:855-850-4678 Fax:407-233-3173
Server Intellect is a team of committed Server Experts, Systems Engineers, Server Administrators, and Support Technicians who truly Love Helping Our Customers. We feel that our ‘job’ is to not only be the Server Experts, but to provide a level of service that is unmatched in today’s market.

Our Experience:
Our team of server experts are able to deploy and manage most any type of server configuration. For over 10 years we have supported thousands of businesses, large and small, from all over the world.

Our Accreditation:
Server Intellect takes pride in being experts in our field, and requires all employees to be fully certified. With multiple IT Certifications and over ten years of IT solutions experience, Server Intellect has gained the trust of thousands of businesses world-wide.

Our Support:
Finding a company that answers the phone around the clock isn’t hard; what’s challenging is finding an organized team on the other end who knows what to do to bring final resolution to your critical issues.

Our Technology:
Server Intellect utilizes only enterprise Data Centers and the latest in remote management technology. This allows Server Intellect to give our customers a wide choice of locations, while not being locked down to a single location, or locked in to legacy infrastructure hardware. We are able to deploy or manage servers in most any data center in the world, including 3rd party Cloud Providers (IBM, Amazon, HP, Azure etc). All Data Centers must have multiple redunda

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