WebServe Canada

WebServe Canada

WebServe Canada

Address: 235 - 1000 Roosevelt Crst
North Vancouver V7P3R4

Phone:1 888 443 4678 Fax:1 604 904 0927
WebServe is an industry-leading privately held web hosting and internet solution provider company based in Vancouver, Canada Serving & Web Hosting the Canadian Internet Community since 1999. We provide high quality web hosting services for companies of all sizes that are located across the world internationally and of course in Canada from Toronto to Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax...

We are an innovation in quality hosting and design... superior customer service... at affordable prices. It's our belief (proven time and time again by statistics) that people do not visit your site for entertainment... they're looking for information. And they want it easy to find... and they want it fast! We deliver with the most reliable hosting packages and web designs built on "form, fit and function" with pricing choices to fit every budget.

Our remarkable reliability record (99.9%) and superb technical support translate into a world-class environment to develop and run your company's web presence!

We are a company providing high quality, cost effective Internet services to both private and corporate clients throughout the world. We continue to experience growth since our infancy in web design and development, marketing, web site promotion and domain registration services.

Our clients benefit from the most advanced, feature rich, web based control panel in the industry combined with our first class technical support.

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