123-Reg Drives Revenue to Dormant Domains

September 26, 2009
September 26, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – 123-reg is the first registrar to offer web address owners a way to generate income from their dormant domains. The free service, known as 123-parking, allows customers to earn revenue quickly and easily through adverts placed on their unused domains.

Following a partnership with DomainParking.co.uk, the new 123-reg service fills a dormant page with relevant advertisements from thousands of advertisers worldwide enabling the domain’s owner to receive a referral fee for every link clicked. With over 10 years’ experience, DomainParking.co.uk is the fastest growing domain parking service in the UK.

Thomas Vollrath, Managing Director of 123-reg, explains,“With DomainParking.co.uk, we can now offer customers the opportunity to create another revenue stream from their initial domain investment. Our free parking service means you can now earn money from domain names you’ve purchased and not had time to do anything with at no additional cost or effort.”

The new service inserts context-sensitive advertisements onto pages using words from the domain name and the page itself to display relevant adverts. This targeted advertising can boost click rates significantly, as visitors find the adverts on the parked page relevant to their original search.

Barry Garner, Director of DomainParking.co.uk, comments, “We aim to help domain name owners develop their portfolios into profitable internet real-estate which generates maximum revenue at a click of button. Parked domains should look like a real website, one which is rich in content and imagery and we, in partnership with 123-reg, provide the tools to achieve these goals.”

About 123-reg

123-reg is one of the UK´s top registrars, registering every fifth .co.uk domain. It leads the market in both domain name registration (2.15 million domains) and web hosting solutions. With extensive experience of the industry, the company is able to offer high quality, technically advanced yet cost-effective products to a wide range of customers. 123-reg received Best Domain Registration in Host Review’s “Best of the Best” Small Business Service Providers awards in 2008.

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