2MHost Promotion Gives Away Free SSL Certificates

April 28, 2005
April 28, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Privately owned web hosting company, 2MHost.com, announced this week that it will be providing 128-Bit StarterSSL Secure Socket Layer certificates with all business and reseller package orders at no additional cost to its customers.

In celebration of the new policy, the company will also be offering its next 50 clients SSL certificates regardless of what packages they sign up with.

“We’re extremely proud to be able to offer SSL certificates to our customers,” said 2MHost owner Mike Noman. “It will allow our clients to conduct business online in a much more secure manner.”

The company plans to offer the first 50 customers who sign up, starting at Midnight on April 27, with SSL certificates that they will own at no additional cost to them. 2MHost will renew the certificates free of charge every year as long as clients are hosted with the company.

“As long as you stay with 2MHost, you’ll be taken care of,” said Noman.

The certificates normally retail for $49 per year, and are always tied to a dedicated IP address. Users who access websites via the SSL protocol will notice a small padlock icon displayed on their web browser, pointing out an active secure connection.

“SSL is a sign of online trust, and 2MHost will now play a bigger role in promoting it,” said Noman.

The policy of providing free SSL certificates for business and reseller packages was in response to an increasing number of customers inquiring about the technology.

“Our customers have been asking about SSL a lot lately, so we decided to become the first low cost web host to provide these certificates free of charge,” said Noman.

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