2MHost Unveils Free Site Builder Application

July 2, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - 2MHost.com, a company that recently made waves in the web hosting industry by offering free SSL certificates and giving away free hosting, announced this week that it has released its custom designed site builder, dubbed 2MExpress.

The site builder, which was designed and coded completely by the company, allows users to create highly powerful and efficient websites with absolutely zero web development knowledge. It also caters to advanced webmasters who are looking for a quick publishing solution.

“2MExpress is unique because it generates 100 percent pure HTML that is friendly to search engines, and users can see exactly what they are doing as they do it,” said Mike Noman, 2MHost owner and lead developer of the new system.

The site builder allows users to upload images, create photo galleries, setup pre-made web forms, and publish their sites in one click. There are no wizards, forms, or other annoyances to fill out during the development process.

“We give users a choice from tens of free site designs to use on their sites. Unlike other site building software, we allow users to modify these templates if they choose,” said Noman.

The 2MExpress service is free for all customers of 2MHost.com. Noman hopes to open it up to non-customers in the future, since the system will publish site files to any FTP enabled server.

“The possibilities with 2MExpress are limitless, and it is truly one of a kind,” said Noman.

2MHost is known in the web host industry as a company on the leading edge of the market. Earlier this year, it offered 128-Bit StarterSSL certificates free to its clients, an offer that proved very successful for the company.

“Staying one step ahead of our competitors has been working so far, so there is no reason to stop,” said Noman. “Everybody loves freebies.”

To learn more about 2MExpress, visit http://www.2mexpress.com.
To learn more about 2MHost, visit http://www.2mhost.com.

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