2MHost.com Offers Clients Professional Scripts

February 24, 2005
February 24, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - 2MHost.com, a privately owned hosting company serving over 10,000 domains, announced Tuesday that it has secured a deal with a software development firm to supply its customers with over $500 worth of professionally developed scripts and resources at no cost to their customers.

The company, (www.2mhost.com), said the purchase was made from Shedix.com, a globally recognized IT solutions firm. 2MHost currently uses Fantastico to provide scripts, but wants its clients to have more options.

“We’re a large enough host that we can afford to give our customers the best,” said Mike Noman, owner of 2MHost.

The new scripts include tools to improve both ecommerce websites, and to make other sites more efficient. They provide a level of complexity that remains unmatched by the open source world.

“You simply can’t beat what we’re offering. We’ve found that our clients often uninstall Fantastico scripts, so we decided to give them something more advanced, in addition to what they’re already used to,” said Noman. “We’re not talking about tiny PHP scripts, these are fully developed, robust, web applications that will really help our clients out.”

2MHost support reps will offer on-demand script installation at no charge to their customers for the new scripts.

“Instead of using a pre-made auto-installer, our clients simply submit a ticket, and we install their script right away, exactly how they want it,” said Noman.

In January, 2MHost announced that in celebration of 4 years of being in business, it would give new clients a free quarter of hosting. The new scripts offer is an extension of its commitment to customer satisfaction.

“We’ve made it quite clear what we’re trying to do – keep our clients happy,” said Noman. “The purchase of these new scripts was worth every penny, because ours clients will benefit from it.”

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