AIT ‘s Ram Upgrades Serves Up Your Web Site’ s Need for Speed

June 17, 2009
June 17, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Existing Enterprise, Dedicated and Reseller 3 hosting customers can increase the performance of their web sites and data base servers by calling 1-800-878-4084 or email to take advantage of this special offer from now until the end of June 2009. The upgrades can be ordered and in place within 48 hours. “Our customers and their customers see the benefits of more RAM immediately in how quickly their site loads and its ability to handle the traffic that comes to the site. This is particularly true for e-commerce web sites”, says Avery Skelton VP of Sales and Marketing.

In addition to more e-commerce activity, maps and embedded video advertising, and product demonstrations are more prevalent and essential for attracting visitors to you or your client’s web site. This increases the demands on your web server and its ability to process the requests to view this kind of content. A responsive site is critical to making the end user experience a good one.

According to the Center for Media Research “In January, 2009, 22.3 million people accessed news and information via a downloaded application. Maps are the most popular downloaded application with 8.2 million users, while search was the overwhelmingly favored use for SMS-based news and information access, with 14.1 million users. Overall, 32.4 million people used SMS to access news and information in January”.

Thus your web site’s ability to handle download requests and add to that the ubiquitous nature of Internet search, it is now essential to offer a search tool within your web site. There was a time, when you wanted to hold a visitor to your site a long as possible. On an anecdotal basis, that is no longer holding true. If you web site is known for having relevant content , product information, user friendly tools, then it becomes a starting and or ending point for active internet users and potential customers. One way to enhance the user friendly, perception of your site is to become a tyBit affiliate . By offering your private label version of the tyBit search tool, you give your customers another reason to for end users to visit your site. Furthermore, the benefit of becoming a tyBit affiliate comes from the very tangible benefit of earning your share of online advertising revenues as a member of the tyBit advertising network. If you would like to speak with a tyBit representative, please call 1-877-404-7250 or email the tyBit team at .

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