AIT Continues Enterprise I Hosting Solution Promotion

January 11, 2008
January 11, 2008 – (HOSTEARCH.COM) – Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc. (AIT, is continuing a promotion it introduced at the end of last year, it was reported recently. The promotion provides a discount on the company’s Enterprise I Hosting Solution for people prepaying for 12 months. The solution comes with a range of software packages designed for businesses.

“No other web hosting company anywhere is offering a comparable plan at this low price,” explained AIT’s Vice President of Sales, Ms. Catherine Boling. The solution provides 320GB of disk space, 1GB of Ram, a 2.9 GHz processor, unlimited data transfer, freewebsite builder, and a “private label search engine”, AIT’s tyBit.

“For anyone that may have been thinking of moving to this solution, there’s no better time than now to act,” added Web Services Products Manager for AIT, Mr. Bill Harrison. “This is such a deep discount that it cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.”

AIT currently caters to over 210,000 customers that include Fortune 500 and small businesses. Its customers include Time Warner, Microsoft, Newsweek, U.S. Federal Government, PC World, United Nations, Business Week, The Oakridge Boys, State of North Carolina, Department of Defense, Wall Street Journal, ZDNet, Pizza Hut, GOODYEAR, Smart Money, and Discover Radio. Alongside its Enterprise I Hosting Solution promotion, the company has reduced costs of other hosting plans including its Business I and Reseller I options.

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