AIT Continues Mining Dedicated Market

February 1, 2005
February 1, 2005 - (Press Release) - Anthony Carbone’s software company is based in a single server. He’s among the AIT ( customers who have moved to dedicated machines in the past months, continuing a strategy the company has pursued since last year. “AIT has become my benchmark for speed, service, and reliability,” says Carbone, whose business in based in Virginia. “I upgraded because my company relies on e-commerce for most of its revenue, and with about 30,000 unique visitors per month, I can’t afford performance issues. And, I haven’t had any.” The combination of lower hardware pricing and more powerful machines has helped to simplify the decision for entrepreneurs like Carbone.

In late 2004, AIT became the first provider to offer dedicated servers for less than $40 per month. The company continues to add to its dedicated product line, with a series of plan options that can be customized to individual business specifications. “Users have a lot of control where resource management is concerned,” according to Clarence Briggs, AIT’s Chief Executive. “This is the opposite of the cookie-cutter approach, with built in choices on everything from operating systems and processor speed to bandwidth and software.”

Options were important to Carbone as he upgraded from a shared hosting package, and there were some growing pains, but “the staff bent over backwards to make the move as painless as possible”. Jean Scrocco, meanwhile, has upgraded a couple of times as the Internet-based art gallery she operates has expanded. “I don’t pretend to know technology; that’s why I use AIT,” says Scrocco. “Any company where employees give you cell phone numbers, and sometimes home numbers, is one committed to the customer.”

AIT offers five base dedicated options and each is customizable. “Flexibility is important so businesses aren’t stuck paying for resources they don’t need while, at the same time, getting full value for their money,” said Briggs. “Customers use their dedicated plans for everything from e-commerce to reseller hosting to software development. Our job is to ensure that their goals are supported.”

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