AIT Develops Secure Encrypted Email System

July 14, 2005
July 14, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web host AIT has developed a 128 bit encrypted email system. Through two of its subsidiaries, AIT is providing dual modes of protection, depending on the level of security businesses or individuals need.

SecureMail is offered through SecureLook; each message and attachment is encrypted before it leaves the user’s mail client, and communications stays encrypted until reaching the recipient. “So much information is sent back and forth by e-mail, and when messages are intercepted, it can have devastating consequences,” said Clarence Briggs, Chief Executive Officer at AIT. SecureMail includes 128-bit encryption for POP, SMTP, and IMAP applications, along with anti-spam and anti-virus capability.

For businesses and individuals with less intensive needs, there is Protected Mail, which screens for spam and viruses. This service is provided through AIT’s ICANN-accredited registrar, “This speaks to the biggest concern that most people have with online communication, and their desire for convenient, hassle-free mail,” said Beau Garcia, VP of Business Development for “Protected e-mail keeps in-boxes free of both potential threats and annoying junk.”

There are no downloads or plug-ins associated with either product, and both work any standard browser or e-mail client. “For all of its convenience, e-mail is the most vulnerable of all Internet applications,” said Briggs. “These tools are meant to minimize the risk, depending on the individual user’s security requirements.”

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