AIT Domains Offers $1.99 Web Hosting with Domain Registration

April 26, 2005
April 26, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider and domain registrar is offering hosting accounts for $1.99 per month in conjunction with each new domain that is registered.’s move to provide hosting services comes amid a trend of hosting companies gaining accreditation in order to provide domain services.

“Every domain also needs a host for the web site behind it,” said James Steger, Manager of “We have created an affordable, single-stop for both requirements, making the process extremely simple for domain owners.”

The introduction of hosting service is something new for, which has been ICANN-accredited since 1998. “Our advantage is time in the marketplace,” says Steger. “The infrastructure and support mechanisms are stable and mature; this isn’t just throwing out something new and hoping that it sticks.”

The company was among the first to cater to the reseller market, most recently through a private label virtual registrar, or domain reseller, program that lets the user set the pricing and control the registration process with AITDomains providing a transparent technical back end.

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