AIT Domains Reseller Program Shows Positive Initial Results

March 1, 2005
March 1, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – has seen its Virtual Domain Registrar program take off since its inception a few months ago. AIT reports that some customers have more than 5,000 domains under their accounts and several others have used it to register, renew, or transfer hundreds of domains.

“The user creates the pricing structure, controls the registration process, and owns the customer in every substantive way,” says James Steger, Product Manager for the program. “The program is white-labeled, so is transparent to the end user, though there is a support system for virtual registrars.” Entry into the program is just a dollar; the only other cost is the wholesale rate which resellers can mark up as they see fit.

“Domain registration remains a busy market, for companies already on line and those new to the Internet,” said Clarence Briggs, CEO of’s parent company, hosting provider AIT. “A lot of businesses register their name with multiple extensions, and many also register sound-alike names. This solution makes users independent registrars, and puts them in position to grab a share of the market.” has also lowered its bulk rates for registrars who want to do volume business. “There is a tiered pricing structure based on the number of domains involved and it applies to all TLD’s,” says Steger. “Obviously, the more domains that are involved, the lower the per-unit price and that’s starting with already-low rates.”

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