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January 17, 2005
Remote console access helps server administrators regain control when everything else fails.

San Diego, California – January 17, 2005 Aplus.Net (www.aplus.net), a leading web site hosting and development firm for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), announced today the release of Smart Console, a service that allows secure remote access to dedicated servers, and in many cases, access to servers that are not even responding.

In the event of a server emergency, Smart Console saves IT administrators the time it would normally take to call and work with a tech support specialist at the server data center. Smart Console gives immediate remote access and control over the core server functions.

Smart Console gives an administrator access to a server in the event of low-level failures - bypassing stressed or overloaded top-level programs. For example, in the event of a server emergency, an administrator can reboot or shutdown the server, re-configure IP settings, list all processes or kill them, run text-based applications, and take many other actions.

“In the event of a server emergency, our dedicated server customers can often fix the problem faster than they can report it by phone,” said John Martis, Vice President of Operations at Aplus.Net. “The root-level access aspect of Smart Console takes server administration to the next level.”

As a core-level access service, security is paramount. Smart Console employs SSH v2 encryption to keep server access passwords safe from hackers, and it supports most SSH clients. The Smart Console service is available for both Unix and Windows 2003-based servers. On Windows 2003 servers, Smart Console gives access to Microsoft’s Emergency Management Services (EMS), a new feature in Windows Server 2003.

Aplus.Net is offering a promotional discount to customers who also order their Smart Monitor service, which offers detailed server status reporting and allows for the creation of fully customizable email alerts for almost any server event.

More information about Smart Console can be found by visiting http://servers.aplus.net/smart_console.html. To order Smart Console, existing customers can either call their existing sales representative or subscribe to the service via the Aplus.Net Control Panel, while new customers can contact an Aplus.Net product consultant at (877) 275-8763.

About Aplus.Net

Aplus.Net is a leading provider of Internet services to small and medium-sized businesses. Aplus.Net specializes in providing a complete Internet presence, including domain name registration, corporate identity on the Internet, matching e-mail addresses, web design, web hosting, e-commerce, credit card processing tools, and website maintenance. Aplus.Net is among the ten largest privately held web hosting and domain name registration companies in the USA and is a facilities-based provider. Aplus.Net has been awarded many awards for excellence, including the CNET Editors’ Choice Award. For more information about Aplus.Net, please visit www.aplus.net.

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