Aplus.net Offers Free Online Survey Building Tool to ITS Web Hosting Customers.

April 15, 2004
San Diego, California –April 14, 2004 - Aplus.Net (www.aplus.net), the leading Internet presence and Web hosting provider to small and medium-sized businesses, announced today the introduction of a new online survey building tool in their award winning Control Panel.

The survey builder allows customers to build and distribute interactive online surveys to their customers and prospects. The tool has been designed so that no computer-, design- or programming skills are required to use the online survey builder by Aplus.Net. The survey can be published online as a web page or distributed via e-mail. The results of the survey can be viewed online through an easy to use web interface or exported into Excel spreadsheets or other software programs for more customized reporting.

The new tool is a part of the award winning Control Panel from Aplus.Net. It is available immediately to all Aplus.Net’s web-hosting customers in the “Web Design” section of the Control Panel. There is no charge for using the new tool nor is there a charge for viewing the results of the survey.

“The new online survey builder is part of our long term strategy to provide our customers with everything they need to succeed online.” said Ivan Vachovsky, chief executive officer of Aplus.Net.

Aplus.Net’s award winning, web based Control Panel allows customers to effectively manage their account as well as their web sites, e-mails, domain names and more. The Control Panel features more than 100 individual tools for managing everything from changing a password to designing a complete web site. Aplus.Net is continuously adding more features based on feedback from its large customer base. Aplus.Net has a private label version of the same control panel available to its resellers. Resellers can offer the same control panel to their customers under their own brand.

“There are third parties charging, on average, $0.25 per response for online surveys” said John Martis, EVP Operations at Aplus.Net “Our customers can save thousands of dollars by making their own surveys with the new tool that we provide.”
Aplus.Net’s award winning Control Panel, including the newly released survey builder, is available free of charge to all of Aplus.Net web hosting customers. Call toll free (877) 275-8763 to become one. International customers call (858) 410-6929. Aplus.Net is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week (both sales and customer support) to serve its customers.

About Aplus.Net (www.aplus.net)

Aplus.Net is a leading provider of Internet services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s headquarters are located in San Diego, CA with other offices in Anaheim, CA, Sacramento, CA, Atlanta, GA and Europe. Facilities in San Diego are over 52,000 sq. feet and include data center and Network Operations Center (NOC). Aplus.Net specializes in providing a complete Internet presence, including domain name registration, corporate identity on the Internet, matching e-mail addresses, web design, web hosting, e-commerce, credit card processing tools, and website maintenance. Aplus.Net is among the ten largest privately held web hosting and domain name registration companies in the USA and is a facilities based provider. The Company owns and operates its own data center and its own ICANN accredited domain names registrar (Names4Ever.com). Aplus.Net has been awarded many awards for excellence including the prestigious Editor’s choice award by the reputable technology portal CNET.

For More Information:
John Martis
EVP, Operations
(858) 410-6903

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