APlus.net to Give Away Free Software to Customers

January 24, 2005
January 24, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Aplus.Net announced today that it will be giving all new and existing customers a software package worth $495.

The software package is now available to all existing Aplus.Net hosting customers, and will be given to all new hosting customers as well.

Aplus.Net’s software package includes a search engine optimizer and submission package, an HTML code review and optimization pack, an image optimizer, and an HTML form pack.

“As a leader in the web hosting industry, we have a responsibility to give our customers more than what is expected,” said Ivan Vachovsky, Chief Executive Officer of Aplus.Net. “This free software is another example of our commitment to provide excellent value to our customers.”

Aplus.Net also announced that it will make the individual software titles available for purchase separate of Aplus.Net hosting plans. According to Vachovsky, the reasoning is to allow people with extended contracts with other hosts the ability to run and operate the same software available to all Aplus.Net customers. The specific titles include:

• Search Engine Pack – registers sites with search engines, optimizes site keywords
• Performance Booster – helps properly format HTML pages, and optimizes images for web display.
• Image Impact – image editing, resizing, and color correction of images.
• Form Shop – provides professional sales letters and custom feedback forms.
• Speak Easy – a real time chat tool for sales people, online forum and blog administration tool.

Aplus.Net has created a new website, www.parsleysoftware.com, where these titles can be purchased and downloaded.

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