Artmotion Announces Offshore Dedicated Servers with Bundled Security Package

August 7, 2008
August 7, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Swiss web host Artmotion ( has announced the introduction of offshore dedicated servers with a Bundled Security Package, it was reported recently. The package comprises a hardware firewall and security consulting services. According to the company, this “comprehensive service enables the customer to manage their business and financial affairs offshore securely with a variety of privacy, security and tax advantages”.

Artmotion’s servers are located at its datacenter facility in Zug, Switzerland. The facility features more than 685 peering points and a full English-speaking Level 1 technical support team. Switzerland declared its neutrality in 1812 and offers international businesses a high level of privacy. It is widely recognized for its financial stability, including a secure private banking system and the world's largest offshore financial center. The nation’s geographical location in central Europe also makes hosting servers ideal, as the location is immune from major natural disasters.

“When choosing to host servers offshore, a key part of the decision making process has to be guaranteeing adequate security, both physically and within the software environment. By integrating a security package into a Dedicated Server plan, we demonstrate our commitment to making the entire process easier for our clients to manage,” said Mr. Meier, CTO of Artmotion.

Founded in 2000, Artmotion Ltd. is a privately held offshore Internet Service Provider, offering a full range of Internet-based solutions focused on small and medium businesses. Artmotion has offices in Zug, Switzerland as well as in London, England. Its datacenter operations are located in a highly secure Swiss offshore location, connected to 17 different backbone providers that enable the company to offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

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