Canadian Web Host Cirrus Tech Introduces Virtualization for Dedicated Server Plans

April 19, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – With “a growing number of VPS clients upgrading to dedicated servers”, Canadian web host Cirrus Tech ( has launched virtualization technology on its dedicated server hosting plans. The company’s customers can now benefit from the same virtualization technology used in its Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans in a “standalone” dedicated server.

VPS hosting offers users dedicated resources with a single server which will host “other VPS instances”. A dedicated server with virtualization offers the benefits of virtualization which can utilize all of a server’s resources. Virtualization in this fashion offers a number of advantages, particularly reduced upgrading time and ease of transition. Sites that experience significant spikes can be uploaded to a dedicated server quickly.

Cirrus Tech Ltd. was established in 1999 and bills itself as “one of Canada's largest web hosting companies”. Based in Toronto, Canada, the company has an international customer base. Cirrus Tech utilizes Parallels’ Virtuozzo for VPS and dedicated server with virtualization technology hosting solutions.

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