Canadian Web Host Cirrus Tech Upgrades Windows and Linux Virtual Private Server Offerings with 2 New Plans

August 6, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Canadian web host Cirrus Tech has upgraded its Windows and Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) offerings with 2 new plans, it was reported yesterday. The new plans target “clients that require a larger amount of dedicated resources” and “users that are thinking of moving to a dedicated server but want to avoid the costs and downtime associated with migrating to a dedicated server”.

“We’ve noticed that some of our clients are really underutilizing their VPS while other clients are realizing they require significantly more resources,” explained Cirrus Tech’s Sales Manager, Mani Aminian. “Our cheapest VPS plan is aimed at providing a very light VPS for those clients that require minimal resources while our more robust VPS offerings are created for clients that are looking for dedicated-server-like resources in a VPS container.”

Cirrus Tech’s VPS plans offer resources reserved for upgrades which can be done with “zero downtime”. As VPS can be saved as an image file and uploaded to another server quickly, where no additional resources are available for upgrades, Cirrus Tech can move VPS to another server. This flexibility allows the company’s customer’s to pay for the resources they need, safe in the knowledge that they can upgrade when necessary.

Established in 1999, Cirrus Tech is one of the largest web hosting companies in Canada. The company caters to the domestic Canadian market and a global customer base.

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