Canadian Web Host FullHost Announces Managed WordPress Hosting Offering

December 18, 2016
Canadian Web Host FullHost Announces Managed WordPress Hosting Offering
Canadian web host FullHost has announced the launch of a new managed WordPress hosting offering. FullHost, which has head offices in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, was established in 2004. The company offers “comprehensive online solutions” from their data centers in Vancouver and Toronto. These services include shared web hosting, reseller hosting, managed virtual cloud options and bare metal dedicated servers. Its new WordPress service offers “new standards” as far as managed WordPress hosting is concerned.

WordPress underpins 25% of the websites on the internet and is by far the most successful Open Source (OS) Content Management System (CMS). It offers a vast array of plugins and templates that have been developed by the global WordPress support community to enable users to easily customize the look and functionality of a website. FullHost has a “proven record” as far as providing WordPress hosting is concerned.

FullHost has optimized its Managed WordPress Hosting service so the solution works as efficiently as possible within its environment. The platform is entirely scalable and able to manage the sudden bursts in activity websites sometimes experience as they become more popular. FullHost also manages the technical aspects of the solution, allowing user to focus on developing their sites. The platform manages patches on behalf of users and is also designed to provide robust defense against malicious attacks.

Do you know of any other providers offering new hosting products “geared to the unique needs of WordPress users”? Let us know the details. Add your comments below.

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