Canadian Web Hosting Provider Cirrus Tech Introduces New Web Hosting Plans for its Dedicated Server Offerings

October 31, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Canadian web hosting provider Cirrus Tech has introduced new web hosting plans for its dedicated server offerings, it was announced today. The plans are customizable, recognizing the varied needs of organizations, companies and individuals who use dedicated servers.

“Not only have we widened the scope of our hardware/software offerings, but we have also created the proper online environment that would allow customers to see what they want and know what the associated costs are, without having to go back and forth with a designated sales person to get one single quote,” explained Cirrus Tech Sales Manager, Mani Aminian.

Cirrus Tech. Ltd. is one of Canada's largest web hosting companies and a provider of comprehensive Internet services. Although the company has always offered customized dedicated server solutions, this is the first time their customers have been able to build a server ‘from scratch’ through the company’s website. The company has also increased the CPU types, memory, HDD, application, and Operating System (OS) options dedicated customers can choose.

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