Canadian Web Hosting Provider Cirrus Tech Ltd. Announces VPS and Dedicated Reductions

January 28, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Canadian Web Hosting Provider Cirrus Tech Ltd. has announced reductions of “up to 30%” on Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated hosting options. The company’s strong relationships with providers such as Dell and SWSoft have resulted in cost savings that the company is passing on to customers.

According to the company, the reductions will benefit its existing shared hosting customers that wish to expand services and can “now make the transition (to VPS or dedicated) at a much lower cost than previous occasions”. In addition, new and potential customers will have the “opportunity to improve their business without having to worry about the high costs” associated with these advanced options.

Cirrus Tech is a family owned and operated business operating out of Toronto. Established in 1999, the company caters from a range of customers (including small businesses and individuals) with plans offering the Plesk control panel. The company has subscribed to a number of “reliable and competitive bandwidth providers” and recently “moved to a well-equipped and secure data center”.

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