Cirrus Tech Adds Plesk 8.6 and Database Backup and Restore Capability to Shared Hosting

September 23, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Cirrus Tech ( has added Plesk 8.6 and database backup and restore capability to shared hosting plans, the company announced yesterday. Whereas previous Plesk versions enabled users to back up a website in its entirety, version 8.6 offers greater flexibility, allowing users to backup individual databases directly from their control panel, with backups stored on the user’s local computer.

“It’s often the case that clients just want to create a backup of their databases,” explained Cirrus Tech’s Sales Manager, Mani Aminian. “By being able to do just that, clients can benefit because they will be able to reduce their bandwidth consumption and time spent creating backups.”

Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been “actively promoting its services to the hosting industry” since 1999. The company bills itself as now “one of Canada's largest web hosting companies and is a leading provider of comprehensive Internet services”. Plesk 8.6 is now available to all Cirrus Tech Windows and Linux shared web hosting and reseller hosting customers.

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