Cloud Business Applications Provider Intermedia Gives Email New Anti-Phishing Protection

August 22, 2017
Cloud Business Applications Provider Intermedia Gives Email New Anti-Phishing Protection
Cloud business applications provider, Inc. (Intermedia) has given its email service new anti-phishing protection features. Intermedia, which was acquired by private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC earlier this year, has headquarters in Mountain View, California, United States. Established in 1995, the company offers products and services that include a business cloud platform alongside hosted Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync, and Microsoft SharePoint options. Intermedia introduced six new anti-phishing features to its email options.

Phishing emails are designed to trick recipients into revealing login information through fake websites, or through directing them to websites with malware. With the current prevalence of Ransomware, Phishing through email has become a lucrative activity. To meet the threat, Intermedia has given its email “enterprise-grade anti-phishing protection, designed for SMBs”.

The new features include ‘similar domain checks’ for email addresses that are mimicking legitimate addresses. They also include a ‘user impersonation check’ for emails that impersonate someone within a company, “most typically the CEO or other high-profile individuals”. The features also check for ‘suspicious content’ and add tags to emails to indicate whether an email has been sent from outside an organization. A range of other features are also included.

“Email fraud has evolved, and it is no longer enough to have email protection against just malware and viruses contained within attachments. Phishing and ransomware have become huge threats to businesses of all sizes,” explained Intermedia’s Director of Security Products, Alex Smith. “The channel community has a real opportunity to help companies defend themselves while also differentiating their own offerings. These Intermedia Email Protection features will be valuable to every mailbox a partner sells and can be sold under the partner’s own brand,” he added.

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