Cloud Hosting Company FastComet Announces Launch of 'Dedicated CPU Servers'

July 2, 2019
Cloud Hosting Company FastComet Announces Launch of 'Dedicated CPU Servers'
Cloud hosting company FastComet has announced its launch of ‘Dedicated CPU Servers’. Billing itself as offering “simple cloud hosting”, the company prides itself on offering a “high-quality web hosting experience” of which the key elements are “speed, security and customer service”. FastComet promises its investment in hardware and software technology provides customers “up to 300% better performance” when compared to other hosts. The company’s services leverage SSD-only storage for files and databases and the company offers technical assistance for Open Source solutions such as Joomla, WordPress, and Magento. Its introduction of ‘Dedicated CPU Servers’ comes after a period of brand reinvention for the company.

FastComet’s ‘Dedicated CPU Servers’ are scalable, benefit from “easy load balancing”, and meet the specifications of applications that benefit from higher clock speeds. The servers are underpinned by AMD EPYC 7501 processors which offer 150% more memory bandwidth when compared with the Intel E5-2680 v3. FastComet’s customers also receive “their own cloud instances with dedicated CPU, SSD drives, and RAM”. While the servers are virtual cloud-based, they offer the same level of performance as 100% dedicated servers. As with FastCloud’s other offerings, ‘Dedicated CPU Servers’ are provided with integrated proactive monitoring, which is available free of charge.

“The Dedicated CPU Servers are optimized to deliver a well-proportioned balance of memory, dedicated CPU, and SSD storage resources. They’re ideal for a variety of application workloads ranging from web apps and databases to larger applications that have higher memory requirements and still demand predictable CPU performance. This includes enterprise business applications, e-commerce sites, agencies with high-profile clients, and busy application servers. We’re emphasizing the 'dedicated'-ness – that you can spin to 100% CPU all the time, without worry. The underlying CPU resources for these servers are dedicated and shared with no one else. Dedicated CPU threads are assigned exclusively to cores on the hypervisor, so there is no sharing or competing for these resources between servers.”

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