CrystalTech Releases the First .NET Control Center

Phoenix, AZ - At a time when several industry leaders abandon their web hosting services, CrystalTech Web Hosting, Inc. delivers one of the largest new services of the first three quarters of 2002: The first and only .NET web-based Control Center that grants users nearly System Administrator control of their shared/virtual Windows hosting accounts ( "CrystalTech was the first hosting company to offer a web-based management system using ASP and ADSI, so moving to the .NET framework is a natural evolution for our products and services. The speed, stability and security advantages inherent in the Microsoft .NET framework make the upgrade especially appealing," Tim Uzzanti, CrystalTech's President, announced.

With this new release, CrystalTech, the eighth largest Windows-based hosting company, not only takes advantage of the latest technologies but also adds its name to the list of companies supporting Microsoft’s new .NET strategy. "CrystalTech has been profitable since its inception, and this has given us the ability to finance the development of major products and services at a time that most companies are struggling to maintain financial stability. The new .NET Control Center will put us almost a year ahead of all competitors by offering management functionality not found anywhere else in the industry," Mr. Uzzanti added.

Below are several key features of CrystalTech’s .NET Control Center:

- Completely reseller friendly, offering domain-level branding.
- Extensive Knowledgebase with hundreds of text and video help files.
- Complete ticket system for Billing and Support issues.
- Web-based e-mail administration.
- Web-based e-mail application with calendaring support.
- Create, edit and delete FTP users for shared and SSL folders.
- Create, edit and delete DSN’s for shared and SSL folders.
- Create, edit and delete security usernames and set directory file permissions for shared and SSL folders.
- Extra domain administration so customers can add or delete additional domains to their account immediately.
- The ability to create scheduled tasks that can execute at any time, on any day.
- A Change Plan Wizard that allows customers to upgrade or downgrade Plans, or server types (ASP/.NET, ColdFusion, ColdFusion MX).
- A bandwidth monitoring system (notifications at 75% and 100% usage).
- Renew domain names in real-time.
- Analyze and trend site traffic using DeepMetrix LiveStats.
- Check overall bandwidth and disk space usage for each site.
- Configure Default pages and custom error pages.
- Web-based FrontPage administration.
- Manage all customer and contact information.
- Billing administration: create invoices, charge credit cards, set payment methods, etc.

"The Control Center we offer our customers is an extension of the one used by our Network Administrators and is an extremely powerful piece of software. It gives the user the ability to administer virtually every aspect of an account in real-time. In addition, the automation of many recurring tasks eliminates delays in delivery of services. One major benefit of this level of automation and management includes quicker response times to our customers, which currently averages an unbelievable 30 minutes for emails, and our Network Administrators are available immediately via the phone. Compared to industry averages, our response time is nearly 500% quicker than our competitors," Mr. Uzzanti concluded.

Overall, CrystalTech seems to have an understanding of what customers require from a web host. In a field that had an overabundance of competition, the recent economic downturn has left only the strongest companies standing. CrystalTech proves that, with its latest release and its desire for the highest level of service, they’re poised to remain at the forefront of the hosting industry.

About CrystalTech
Founded in 1992, privately held CrystalTech Web Hosting, Inc. has become the fourth largest Windows based hosting company in the world. Without the pressures of outside influences or venture capital interests, CrystalTech has the unique ability to focus profits on services and features not commonly found in the web hosting industry. Customer satisfaction is CrystalTech’s number one priority and their 75% referral rate demonstrates this commitment. With a strong financial position, a large customer base and a high referral rate, CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc., is poised to remain an industry leader. For more information, see the CrystalTech website at


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