CrystalTech Web Hosting Partners with ColdFusion

September 19, 2006
September 19, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – CrystalTech Web Hosting ( has partnered with ColdFusion web application specialists, Intergral GmbH and will add FusionReactor to its network.

FusionReactor is a ColdFusion add-on which increases server stability and performance. It will also provide CrystalTech with the tools to debug, monitor, and test its hosted ColdFusion-based websites and applications.

FusionReactor will also allow CrystalTech’s network administrators to enhance its shared ColdFusion MX hosting servers’ performance, increase application availability and enable the close examination of applications, servers and databases to identify performance problems.

“We are excited to be partnering with Intergral to use FusionReactor as it will help us provide an even more robust ColdFusion web hosting environment to our customers,” suggested Robert Cichon, President of CrystalTech. “FusionReactor not only offers our administrators detailed performance management and analysis, it allows us to recognize and act upon issues before they impact critical processes of our ColdFusion MX servers”.

“FusionReactor is designed to meet the high demands of leading hosting companies like CrystalTech,” added David Tattersall, CEO of Intergral.” It enables them to increase customer service while lowering manual support effort, using FusionReactor’s proactive monitoring and server self-healing strategies. We are very excited about the new partnership and look forward to working closely together in the future.”

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