Data Center and Web Hosting Services Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Announces Launch of Optimized WordPress Hosting

August 15, 2019
Data Center and Web Hosting Services Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Announces Launch of Optimized WordPress Hosting
Data center and web hosting services provider Whitelabel ITSolutions has announced the launch of web hosting options that are optimized for WordPress. Established in 2015 and located in Hackensack, New Jersey, United States, Whitelabel ITSolutions offers a full portfolio of data center and hosting services. These include managed services, dedicated servers and colocation alongside shared, reseller and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting packages. The company owns and operates its own data center which is also located in New Jersey. The company’s move to optimized WordPress hosting underscores the importance of what has become the most popular Content Management System (CMS) available on the Internet.

WordPress started life as a blogging tool but over the years has transitioned to a highly sophisticated CMS that can manage websites of varying complexity - from an individual’s private site, right up to sophisticated enterprise-grade websites with a variety of features. It is an Open Source solution and the software can be downloaded free of charge and installed onto a server free of charge.

WordPress is extremely popular with companies and individuals as they can establish a suitable Internet presence without the need to engage a costly developer. As a result, around 25% of ALL websites on the Internet leverage WordPress. Whitelabel ITSolutions has optimized its servers to accommodate WordPress so it runs as efficiently and as quickly as possible on the company’s infrastructure. “Our platform is designed to ensure WordPress websites load faster than traditional hosting services,” explained a company press release. “We provide hassle free-migration, setup, security and maintenance of your business’ WordPress sites”.

Whitelabel ITSolutions’ customers have several WordPress packages available to them. These include ‘WordPress Basic’, ‘WordPress Silver’, ‘WordPress Gold’ and ‘WordPress Platinum’ packages. Each package offers increased resources in terms of data transfer and storage alongside features like load balancing and SSD drives. Each package represents tremendous value for someone who needs hosting for a WordPress site.

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