Data Center Company and Web Hosting Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Extols the Benefits of Reseller Hosting

August 17, 2019
Data Center Company and Web Hosting Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Extols the Benefits of Reseller Hosting
Data center company and web hosting provider Whitelabel ITSolutions is highlighting the benefits of reseller hosting for those looking for opportunities where they can earn a decent income. Established in 2015 and with headquarters in Hackensack, New Jersey, United States (and a data center in the same state), Whitelabel ITSolutions’ suite of hosting and data center services include colocation, dedicated server options, managed services, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting and shared hosting packages. The company has a strong emphasis on WordPress hosting and was in the news recently for optimizing its servers for the Content Management System (CMS). It also has a strong focus on reseller hosting.

As the name implies, reseller hosting is where a company (or individual) sells another company’s hosting services to its customers. This can simply be a website designer selling on hosting services to customers that use his or her design services, or a fully dedicated web host selling ‘white label’ hosting. Companies who operate in this fashion typically sell another hosting company's servers, storage and bandwidth under a different name and as its own. With the current demand for web hosting services, reseller hosting has become a major business.

Regardless of size - a multinational corporation or a one-man operation - any company with credibility must have a web presence, and generally, that means a website. As resellers use another company’s resources they can set up and generate income very quickly. As a result, many entrepreneurs have warmed to the potential of reseller hosting. With limited investment and overheads, resellers can become profitable very quickly.

Whitelabel ITSolutions offers world-class reseller options. As the company suggests “reseller hosting enables an organization to act as a web hosting provider without the need to build, operate and manage a web hosting infrastructure”. It operates a reseller business model that offers resellers a range of benefits including “relatively low-risk investment with limited startup cost”.

“When buying a reseller hosting package you have the freedom to design your own hosting plans which are tailored to your own business brand and, since the web hosting provider handles the servers, your focus is the profits and managing your hosting customers; this business model is designed for you,'' explained a company representative. “With Whitelabel ITSolutions reseller hosting plan you can run your own hosting business without your customers knowing who your actual hosting provider is, remember your packages are rebranded under your name… Whitelabel ITSolutions will handle all the heavy lifting from server hardware to updates and security, so your only focus will be your business growth”.

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