Data Center Services Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Announces CentOS Sponsorship

March 14, 2017
Data Center Services Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Announces CentOS Sponsorship
Data center services provider Whitelabel ITSolutions has announced it has become a sponsor of the CentOS Operating System. With data center facilities in New Jersey, United States, Whitelabel ITSolutions is recognized as a hosting and data center solutions leader in the United States. The company’s range of services includes “everything from low-end dedicated servers to multi-suite custom enterprise-level colocation solutions”, all based on a model that allows resellers to manage their customers and set their own prices for services. Whitelabel ITSolutions’ sponsorship is designed to enhance the development of CentOS.

CentOS is a free, enterprise-class Linux distribution that has benefitted from the support of a global community since 2004. “A stable, predictable, manageable and reproducible platform derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)”, the CentOS project team aims to establish CentOS Linux as the “leading community platform for emerging open source technologies” such as OpenStack. Whitelabel ITSolutions has kindly donated free dedicated server and network resources which will be used to distribute updates and “facilitate distribution of the CentOS tree to external public mirrors”.

Whitelabel ITSolutions leverages CentOS to provide colocation services through a high-security facility that offers a redundant network infrastructure with unlimited monthly bandwidth and a dedicated technical support team. With Whitelabel ITSolutions’ support, and the support of other organizations, CentOS remains cost free and can continue to offer “technology to the masses”.

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