Data Center Services Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Expands Services Infrastructure

October 10, 2018
Data Center Services Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Expands Services Infrastructure
Data center services provider Whitelabel ITSolutions has announced it is expanding its services infrastructure. Whitelabel ITSolutions operates from Hackensack, New Jersey, United States and offers a wealth of services through its own data center, also in New Jersey. With colocation, managed services, dedicated servers as part of a comprehensive suite of data center offerings, the company offers “advanced services for all IT needs”. Its web hosting brand ‘ServeYourSite’ also offers a range of hosting-related services including managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) and reseller hosting, amongst others. Whitelabel IT Solutions is “expanding within the 18,000 square foot data center upgrading to provide customers the best features in the market”.

Modern companies typically rely on applications and data for everyday operations and an effective data center can centralize a company’s IT operations. A quality data center requires a range of costly features. These include air conditioning or climate control systems, raised floors for cabling and water damage prevention, fire suppression and smoke detection technology, and most importantly, solutions to secure physical entry and identify those who visit a facility. As “the number one hosting and colocation provider in New Jersey”, Whitelabel ITSolutions’ facility meets all these requirements.

Whitelabel ITSolutions’ data center was established in 2015 and is located in a “flood and seismic safe zone”. It features “utility power capacity of more than 4000KW, UPS power capacity of 800KW, generator power capacity of 1000KW” and is able to keep operating “even in the worst-case scenario”. “Every power component in our facility is regularly subjected to heavy load and failover testing; redundant power feeds, power distribution units, transfer switches, and generators ensure clients always stay online,” explained a company press release. Whitelabel ITSolutions also takes pride in helping the environment by powering its facility with 100% sustainable power.

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