Data Center Services Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Helps Customers Make the Right Choice of Server

July 26, 2019
Data Center Services Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Helps Customers Make the Right Choice of Server
Data center services provider and web host Whitelabel ITSolutions is helping customers make the right choice of server for their companies. Established in 2015, Hackensack, New Jersey-based Whitelabel ITSolutions provides a range of services. These include colocation, managed services, and dedicated servers, each of which is made available through the company’s data center in New Jersey.

Whitelabel ITSolutions also offers hosting and related services through its ‘ServeYourSite’ hosting brand. The company’s hosting services include shared hosting, reseller hosting and managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages. Whitelabel ITSolutions was in the news earlier this year for the launch of new KVM VPS options.
To meet their requirements as closely as possible, it is essential that customers make the right choice of server. Whitelabel ITSolutions is, therefore, helping customers understand the differences between ‘Enterprise Servers’ and ‘Standard Servers’. Essentially, Whitelabel ITSolutions’ Standard Servers target small- and medium-sized companies. They offer network resources that are based on a customer’s needs. Alternatively, the company’s Enterprise Servers are designed to cater to the requirements of medium- to large-sized businesses.

Enterprise Servers offer “uninterrupted services for servers running networking, databases, and system applications”. This means companies benefit from the constant availability of their mission-critical applications. These servers offer ongoing system and data access. Importantly, they also leverage the “latest security advances” and offer the scalability companies need to manage growth.

Whitelabel ITSolutions’ “world-class, high-end Enterprise dedicated servers” deliver “the very best technology available.'' They can be used for any business project and remain cost-effective regardless of purpose. Customers can choose between Linux and Windows operating systems, and a range of hardware solutions are available to ensure a server is tailored to a company's specific needs. Whitelabel ITSolutions’ Enterprise Server customers also benefit from “top of the line security”.

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