Dedicated Server Provider, Hivelocity Offers Unmetered Bandwidth and Doubles Server RAM

December 5, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Dedicated server provider, Hivelocity has announced a promotion which allows customers to “upgrade several aspects of their server purchase for one price” and includes unmetered bandwidth, it was reported recently. The company has also doubled the server RAM available through its packages for the promotion, and is offering a 16-32MB cache raid specific server grade sata hard drive. The promotion has been dubbed Server Stud – apparently a “parody on male enhancement ads”.

“There are so many different options these days available for a new server,” explained Steve Eschweiler, General Manager of Hivelocity. “With all the new types of hard drives, memory, metered bandwidth, unmetered bandwidth and different nuances within each of those it can be downright confusing. Sometimes you just need to make it nice and easy for the consumer and say, for a little bit more we are going to upgrade everything and give you very good server at a very good price.” specializes in dedicated web hosting and colocation. The company has over 100 hardware and bandwidth combinations available to service a wide range of businesses. Its servers can be used for online gaming, credit card processing, video and audio streaming, web hosting, software development, email, and data storage, amongst other uses. Hivelocity currently maintains an 8 Gbps connection to the Internet with multiple Tier 1 carriers.

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