Domain Name Registrar and Web Hosting Provider Easyspace Offers .Biz Discounts

May 10, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Domain name registrar and web hosting provider Easyspace is offering substantial discounts on domain names with the .Biz extension, it was announced recently. The promotion is one of a number the company is offering during May 2008 (until May 31, 2008). The offer is open to existing Easyspace customers and new customers.

"While we realize that .coms and .co.uks are the most popular extensions for domain owners in the UK, we feel giving a significant discount on some of the other Top Level Domains opens up an alternative option if customers preferred .com or is already registered," explained Errol Vanderhorst, Easyspace’s Sales and Marketing Director. "We've also recently added new mailbox and forwarding features to all domain registrations, meaning alternative domains through Easyspace are now a fantastic option."

Easyspace latest promotion comes on the heels of product improvements and price reductions for its Virtual Server range. The company has also introduced Virtual Servers, and “improved specification” Dedicated Servers. All Easyspace domains offer a range of admin features including MX Control, Name Server Control and web redirection.

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