Email Host Intermedia to Offer Free Hosting for Katrina Victims

September 5, 2005
September 5, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) -Email host, Intermedia.NET, today announced an offer of help to companies affected by Hurricane Katrina. Any organization whose e-mail systems were disrupted by the natural disaster may receive immediate assistance to bring them online again, plus free hosting for September and October. All setup fees will be waived, and there will be no further obligation after this period.

It will be important for businesses to keep their e-mail and Web sites running, as they seek to continue operations as well as inform employees and customers of the latest news via the Internet. In addition to free hosting, Intermedia.NET is also offering a free fax service - New York area code numbers which automatically forward incoming faxes to recipients as email attachments. These three offers will help businesses to resume and continue operations.

The move follows a number of urgent requests from companies in the southern United States, whose in-house IT servers have been damaged or destroyed. For many, these servers supported their nationwide e-mail systems, adding further urgency as they seek to resume business as quickly as possible.

Said Michael Choupak, president and CEO of Intermedia.NET, "This is a tragedy of immense proportions and we at Intermedia.NET wanted to use our hosting expertise to do something to help. In addition to human relief efforts, it is important that businesses can continue to operate. Being able to communicate electronically is essential for many companies' day-to-day operations."

Companies needing to restore their e-mail should call 1-800-379-7729 or e-mail to take up this offer. It applies to either shared or dedicated servers running Microsoft Exchange, the business e-mail server used most often by businesses in the US. Intermedia.NET will also offer free dedicated or shared Web hosting for any company that needs it, as well as its Fax-to-E-mail service, again without charge.

Any transferred systems will be set up by expert technicians and hosted free of charge at Intermedia.NET's data center in California. Companies may continue to run them from this facility for all of September and October, while they determine their future strategy.

This gives companies a period in which they can concentrate on other pressing issues, in the knowledge that e-mail, Web and fax communications will be working.

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