Eoin Costello Appointed Chair of IIA Domain Registration and Hosting Working Group

October 12, 2004
At the October board meeting of the IIA Eoin Costello was appointed Chair of IIA Domain Registration and Hosting working group.

The initial programme agreed for the group includes:

* Issue a guide to registering domain names. It will include advice on issues such as cyber squatting and what to do in the case of loss of domain names through non-renewal.

* Issue a guide to selecting a web hosting package and a web-hosting provider.

* Issue a strategy document on how the IIA would suggest that the Irish Domain Registry gradually amend its current structures to ensure a low price per domain registered and a stable environment for domain registration for members of the public.

* Lobby on issues affecting the hosting industry such as Data Retention. Make written submissions to government on such matters.

Membership of the working group is open to members of the IIA and to representatives of state and regulatory bodies. Parties interested in joining the working group should contact Eoin Costello directly at eoin@novara.ie.

The first group meeting is set for Tuesday 2cd of November.

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