Europe-based Web Hosting Provider Artmotion Introduces Unlimited Traffic Solutions

January 10, 2008
January 10, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Europe-based web hosting provider Artmotion ( has introduced unlimited traffic solutions, the company announced Monday. The cost of the enhancement to its plans has not been passed to customers. The company also increased the number of email addresses available to accounts from 100, to an unlimited number.

The offer enables the company’s web hosting customers to avoid fees for additional bandwidth. “Customers are becoming more discerning with their web hosting requirements,” explained Artmotion Ltd’s President and CEO, Mr. Mateo Meier. “At Artmotion, we are permanently looking to deliver the best service to the customers.” Mr. Meier added, “Our upgrades are pushing the boundaries of the industry, and we expect to announce additional updates in the months to come.”

Artmotion Ltd is an independent offshore provider established in 2000. The company “enables the customers to manage their business and financial affairs in a secure and privately owned IT environment”. It is located in a highly secure offshore location in Switzerland, a country “known for its neutrality and banking secrecy”. The company has offices in Zug, Switzerland and London, England.

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