European Provider AltusHost Offers Web Hosting and VPS Upgrades

European Provider AltusHost Offers Web Hosting and VPS Upgrades
European provider AltusHost B.V. (AltusHost) has announced it is offering upgrades to each of its web hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages. AltusHost, which has headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, was established in 2008. The company is renowned for cost-effective managed hosting services with a focus on uptime, fast servers, and world-class support. It is upgrading its packages to include Solid-state Drive (SSD) storage.

SSD has gained a lot of traction in web hosting over recent years. It has a number of advantages over the more traditional 'spinning disk' hard disks. With no moving parts, SSD disks are much faster, meaning faster page loading times. While fast page loading times improve the customer experience, they are also vital to SEO and high ranking in search engines like Google. According to AltusHost, SSD also “dramatically decreases any chance of corruption or loss of data”.

“The decision to switch to SSD follows our company’s commitment to being – and remaining – on the cutting edge of web-hosting and remote storage solutions,” explained Nataša Kilibarda, Marketing Manager and spokesperson for AltusHost. “These issues have been part of the overall hosting equation since ever. While we have always had industry-leading safeguards in place to protect our clients’ data, the decrease in data loss issues with SSD technology will allow us to provide better customer care overall.”

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