Free Barracuda Spam Filtering Included with NetHosters Hosting Packages

April 4, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – NetHosters Inc has begun offering free Barracuda spam and virus filtering with all hosting packages. Bundling this high quality, definition based filtering service brings added security to clients, and dramatically reduces unsolicited bulk mail and virulent email attachments flowing across NetHosters' network. The volume of spam and distributed viruses has reached epidemic proportions in recent years, and the trend is expected only to worsen. NetHosters' proactive solution to this growing problem is expected to attract new business grade customers, and improve customer retention rates.

With literally billions of spam and virulent emails circulating on the internet every day, it's safe to say that just about everyone could benefit from an effective spam filtering service.

Having tested numerous spam filtering software products and 3rd party filtering services, we believe we have found the most effective solution available on today's market. The results have been impressive so far. Since implementation in early 2007, NetHosters clients generally receive an average of 4-5 spam messages per MONTH or less. What this means for our clients is:

* Less time viewing and deleting malicious spam
* Reduced risk in infecting your network with a virus
* Customizable rules for identifying legitimate/non-legitimate senders
* Increased overall productivity for your organization!

At NetHosters, we don't feel that our clients should have to pay extra for a truly effective spam filtering service. So we've decided to include it for free with all of our managed web hosting, cPanel reseller hosting and managed dedicated server accounts. Sign up today and say goodbye to spam!

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