FutureQuest Delivers More Power and Tools with the Release of A New CNC!

Kissimmee, FL (Dec 25, 1999) FutureQuest, a leader in quality customer support and technical expertise, announces the release of their all new, and more powerful, Command 'n' Control (CNC) panel. The CNC offers an entire suite of tools that allow developers, at all levels of expertise, to quickly and easily perform many of the tasks related to email management and Web site development from their web browser! The CNC is available to every full virtual hosting account that FutureQuest offers at no extra charge.

The site owners that have chosen to go on a FutureQuest are commonly known as creative, knowledgable, and dedicated users of the Internet. Many of the developers on a FutureQuest work with their web sites daily and require quality tools that will help them to accomplish a numerous amount of tasks quickly & easily.

"I feel it is our responsibility, as a developer's host, to help them continue on their quest effectively," said Deborah D. Gillespie, FutureQuest's Co-Owner and CEO. "The most awesome feature of the CNC is that it not only saves a great amount of time for these power users, but it allows the first-time developer the same type of functionality, in an user-friendly, browser-based, graphical interface as well! I believe the release of our new CNC is yet another step into tomorrow for everyone on a FutureQuest."

The browser-based CNC now allows web site owners to manage all of their email aliases, autoresponders, mailing lists, shell, and POP3 email accounts with a click of the mouse. Developers gain complete control of every file within their account via FileQuest, a feature-rich and very powerful file manager. With features such as real-time preview, automatic backup, color pallets, and the familiarity of Microsoft Explorer's GUI, FileQuest begs to compete with a vast variety of file managers!

"There are too many times when a programmer needs to make edits quickly from various locations. I made FileQuest with this in mind. I myself will use it often to accomplish my day to day development tasks," said Justin R. Nelson, FutureQuest's lead developer and creator of FileQuest. "At the same time, I wanted to make sure it offered enough functionality, and be easy enough to use, for those just getting started on the Internet. Allowing them to be able to navigate through their files and get their Web sites on-line fast!

Version 2.0 of FutureQuest's new CNC also allows developers to check the load average of their server in real-time, as well as view their disk space usage and web site statistics. With the CNC, a Web site owner can send and receive email messages via QuestMail, access a fully functional browser-based Telnet client, and even run diagnostic tests on PERL (CGI) scripts to find common errors and trouble shooting tips!

"This is not a bundle of freely available CGI scripts, or a shrink-wrapped control panel!" says Andrew R. Gillespie, FutureQuest's Co-Owner and CTO. "Every ASCII character of the CNC has been hand coded with specific needs in mind. You wont find it with other hosts because it wasn't built for other hosts. The CNC is a FutureQuest exclusive that meets the growing demands and individual needs of those that have decided yesterday wasn't good enough, and tomorrow is within their reach! The CNC turns the complexities of server maintenance into simple solutions. The CNC helps to describe what it really means to be on a FutureQuest!"

In the world of control panels, FutureQuest's CNC will rise to being known as one of the best available on the Internet. Add this fact to their already top of the line technical capabilities, customer service, and community environment, it becomes easy to see that FutureQuest intends to raise red flags in the competitive hosting industry. One can only wonder what version 3.0 will offer!

An extensive list of the many features, FutureQuest's new Command 'n' Control panel offers, can be found at http://www.FutureQuest.net/Status/NewCNC.php.

FutureQuest, founded in January of 1998, provides high quality developer's servers for web sites that require more than the standard tools on community hosts. Via powerful scripting tools, such as PHP, PERL, PYTHON, mod_rewrite, and MySQL, the site owners on a FutureQuest are able to develop dynamic and highly functional interactive web sites. For more information visit http://www.FutureQuest.net/

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