FutureQuest Releases Exclusive Filter Suite, Including SpamAssassin!

Orlando, FL - Nov 04, 2002 - FutureQuest, Inc. (http://www.FutureQuest.net) announced today the delivery of free easily-configurable filtering tools, including robust spam filters, attachment filters, message size filters, IP filters, and email address filters, to all full package site owners that enjoy the email services provided by this benefit-based web host.

Of the hosts that do provide email filtering, few provide the amount of user control that FutureQuest has made available to its clients within their exclusive web based control panel. Not only are email users able to turn the filtering features on and off, they are also able to define a variety of other rules with just a few quick clicks of the mouse.

The new filter control, provided exclusively by FutureQuest, enables the email user to define how strict or lenient they would like the filtering tools to be as well as how they would like the email handled; whether redirecting it to an email account of their choosing, deleting it completely, bouncing it back to the sender with an error message of the account holder's choice, or simply tagging it with special text flags where it is delivered normally and can be filtered by the account holder's email client.

"Client demand for automated email management has grown tremendously over the past year, especially in the area of spam and virus control," explained Debbie Gillespie, CEO of FutureQuest, Inc. "The awesome thing about FutureQuest's filter suite is the amount of control we provide to the site owner with a simple click of the mouse. In less than a minute the site owner can add hours back into their work week."

One test of FutureQuest's new spam filtering system, which is backed by the popular "SpamAssassin" software, involved activating the filter on an email account that receives a tremendous amount of spam. The account received 2,761 messages in a three-week period and the filter correctly tagged 2,503 of the messages as spam! In this test case, the email user's work week had been greatly improved by eliminating the amount of time and frustration that he had previously experienced because of the amount of spam, which was often offending, he had to sift through.

With the increase in spam across the Internet it is easy to see the benefits of a filtering system such as this. It only takes seconds to enable the filter and results in a savings of an enormous amount of time and resources by no longer forcing the email user to download and sort through thousands of unwanted messages.

FutureQuest's new email filtering suite is sure to be a welcomed and depended upon tool by thousands of account holders who may now enjoy its benefits free of charge.

A demo of FutureQuest's Exclusive Control Panel can be found at:

For additional information:
FutureQuest, Inc. - http://www.FutureQuest.net
SpamAssassin Software- http://www.SpamAssassin.org

-- About FutureQuest, Inc.
Founded in 1998 in Orlando, Florida, FutureQuest provides benefit-based content delivery to SOHO, individual, and developers with web sites that require more than the standard tools provided by mainstream hosts. Via powerful scripting tools, the site owners on a FutureQuest are able to develop dynamic and highly functional interactive web sites. FutureQuest's Community Servers and Network receive 1st priority response as the sole tenants of FutureQuest's privately owned and operated Data Center.

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