Releases Private Label Reseller Plans to the general public

***For Immediate Release*** Releases Private Label Reseller Plans:

An interview with Barb Lange, Public Relations Manager, reveals the release of Private Label Reseller Opportunities with a proven industry leader. According to Lange, "We value our resellers so much that we consider them partners. I'm only saying reseller to you so that you don't confuse it with standard partnerships. Now that you know what I'm talking about; let me expound.

Our "Partner Plans" are distributed to select individuals that want to present themselves as a private hosting entity. As a Partner Plan member you have access to all the great features of to distribute as your own hosting company as we work seamlessly and transparently in the background. You sell your services as Your Hosting Company. There is no connection to at all. You will be furnished with two Private Name Servers to brand your services. Along with being placed on a server that has no outward connection to, there is nothing to suggest it is anything less than your own service.

We furnish partners with WebHostManager; a powerful control panel that allows you to add and remove accounts, park domains, view account statistics, modify accounts and much more. You decide which features to give to your customers. You set disk space and bandwidth limits. You assign how many mail and FTP accounts they receive. You decide what to include in basic packages; and what features you should charge extra for.

Every domain you add gets their own Cpanel control panel. Cpanel is fast becoming the industry standard and consumer preferred control panel that allows end users easy administration of their domain. Sure, Cpanel is more expensive than other control panels; but our Partners are worth the extra effort. After all, their success is our success."

"Of course, you don't need to resell hosting to take advantage of our Partner Plans", says Lange. "Many members utilize the advanced features to host multiple domains of their own. It is the perfect solution for any individual or company that owns multiple domains. It allows the greatest flexibility and control when you need to provide full featured hosting for more than one domain."

So, for those interested in beginning a career in the hosting industry, it would appear that may be the answer to the nagging question of, "Where do I begin?"

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