Global Web Hosting and Managed WordPress Services Leader DreamHost Announces Launch of G Suite Integration

October 4, 2019
Global Web Hosting and Managed WordPress Services Leader DreamHost Announces Launch of G Suite Integration
Global web hosting and managed WordPress services leader DreamHost has announced the launch of G Suite integration with its service. Established in 1996, DreamHost is based in Los Angeles, California, United States. Alongside managed WordPress packages the company offers shared, dedicated and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions alongside domain name registration options. Its ‘DreamObjects’ and ‘DreamCompute’ offerings provide cloud-based storage and computing services, and its ‘Remixer’ solution enables its customers to export websites and content directly to WordPress. The addition of G Suite rounds out the company’s collaboration and productivity capabilities.

G Suite has become a ubiquitous service that offers Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and Duo - a set of tools that enable real-time collaboration and rival those available through Microsoft’s Office 365. Users can utilize IMAP or POP-based emails that include their domain name and promote a professional image. This option is now available to DreamHost’s customers.

G Suite draws on Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to offer productivity-enhancing features such as ‘Smart Compose’ in Gmail. It is immediately available to DreamHost customers with “at least one DreamHost-hosted domain” and can be accessed by customers using their control panels. It is available for only $6 per month per user and includes 30GB of online storage.

“As dedicated users of G Suite ourselves, we understand first-hand the value that it brings to anyone who relies on the web to run a business,” explained Director of Product at DreamHost, Mr. Justin Lund. “We were early adopters of G Suite’s apps over a decade ago, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer G Suite for all of our users today. Bringing this level of power to your own domain name is something that our users are going to find extremely beneficial.”

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