Highly Regarded Web Host Lunarpages Updates Web Site and Increases Profits

January 19, 2005
January 2005—When asked, most web hosts will tell you that business success depends upon technical capacity, customer service, and competitive pricing but sometimes even this isn’t enough. Sometimes looking good and have a memorable message that will appeal to customers is just as important, especially in a large and competitive industry like web hosting. Lunarpages recently underwent a website makeover courtesy of Ceonex and saw their profits more than triple.

Problems with the old site included lack of a fundamental brand message or cues as to company's identity and values, unprofessional and inappropriate images and a lack of depth.

Ceonex developed a powerful core theme for Lunarpages, and then presented it through effective use of imagery, logos, colors and layout seeking to expose Lunarpages customers to their brand more explicitly.

Maximilliam Andersen, CTO/Vice President of Lunarpages, said, "Ceonex increased our revenue by more than 15% per month on a consistent and ongoing basis. We achieved incredible results from an incredible effort by the Ceonex team, and are very pleased with the business benefits we have received by working with them."

The results have compounded over time, with the customer count growing from 20,000 to nearly 75,000. Besides the increases in revenue and customer conversion, Lunarpages' Andersen noted that customer turnover has also decreased by approximately 25% overall.

Just like on a date or in a job interview you’ve got to present yourself well if you want to have success and give others a chance to see what you’ve got on the inside.

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