Hivelocity Dedicated Servers and Private Clouds Offer GPU Availability

Hivelocity Dedicated Servers and Private Clouds Offer GPU Availability
Dedicated server, cloud hosting and infrastructure services provider Hivelocity has announced that most of its dedicated servers and private clouds now offer Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) availability. Hivelocity, which has headquarters in Tampa, Florida, United States, offers a range of services which extend to dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting services. Established in 2002, the company owns and operates HIPAA, PCI, ISAE-3402, SSAE 16 SOC1 & SOC2 certified data center space in Florida, Georgia and California and caters to a global customer base. Customers can add a GPU to new or existing server through the Hivelocity cart or ticket system.

GPU’s are “massively parallel-able” processing units with multiple cores that can manage multiple data streams at the same time. They are particularly beneficial for deep learning, high performance computing, and applications that need “highly parallel processing workloads”. Hivelocity customers will be able add up to four NVidia Tesla or PNY Quadra GPUs within a single server, but the company notes that more options are “coming soon”.

GPUs work alongside CPUs and automatically process the threading of “properly designed applications”. CPUs allocate workloads that GPUs manage best and CPUs address the workloads they are best suited for. “In the end it’s a beautiful symphony of computer engineering that will pave the way for the future applications that we have just barely scratched the surface of,” explained a spokesperson in a Hivelocity press release. GPUs can be added to a Hivelocity dedicated server “for as little as $59 per month”.

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